New Reno restaurant offers a foie gras “Double Down”

Heritage restaurant photoIn the soul-decaying world of fast food specials, there hasn’t really been anything that both captured the combined excitement, curiosity and disgust of a nation quite like KFC’s Double Down “sandwich.”

The inspired creation that replaced bread with fried chicken inspired numerous parodies, gawkery and even a Colbert Show skit.

Now, four years after the fact and after “Double Down” has entered the popular lexicon, a new Reno restaurant is offering their version of the double down – but with foie gras instead.

Heritage – the fancy new eatery inside the recently rebranded Whitney Peak Hotel in downtown Reno – opened just a few months ago. It’s Chef Mark Estee’s latest expansion, after Campo Reno, chez louie in the Nevada Museum of Art and two Burger Me locations.

After a friend sent me the restaurant’s dinner menu, the foie gras double down caught my eye. After tweeting it out, the place’s twitter account confirmed that it was in fact real and on the menu.

A friend of mine who had called it “delicious.” I’ll hold judgement until I can try it for myself.

Nevada actually has an interesting history with foie gras – a ban on the food in California lead many Nevada restaurants to begin offering foie gras in an attempt to get hungry Californians over the border and into their eateries. One Reno casino even offered an “all-you-can-eat” foie gras buffet.