Where Nevada’s Congressional Delegation stands on halting Syrian refugees

Updated 11/20 with full Titus statement

The U.S. House voted today to approve a Republican-backed bill that would effectively suspend the number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees admitted into the country until a more stringent screening process is put in place, despite the threat of a presidential veto. Nevada’s House congressional delegation fell along mainly party lines during the vote on H.R. 4038, which passed on a 289-137 vote. Here’s what each of Nevada’s congressional members had to say about the bill, and the issue of continuing to admit Syrian refugees into the county after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 129 people.

Dina Titus (NV-01): NO

Titus’s office has yet to release a statement on her vote against the bill, but said the following on the House floor after the bill passed.

Here’s that statement in full:

“Rather than working on real solutions to defeat ISIS and confront terrorism, the Republican Leadership rushed a bill to the floor that turns the back of Lady Liberty on families fleeing unspeakable violence and atrocities.”

“While I will continue to work with my colleagues and the Administration on ways to improve the vetting process for refugees from around the world, I cannot support politically motivated legislation that sends the wrong message to our allies, misdirects critical resources, and abandons our proud tradition of being a safe harbor for the most vulnerable in search of better lives.”

Mark Amodei (NV-02): YES

Amodei signed onto a letter with 109 Republican House colleagues signaling his support for the bill, and released the following statement:

“Americans are compassionate people, but it is not unreasonable to ask the Administration to take measures to ensure our compassion is not exploited. Protecting Americans is paramount and this is an obvious vulnerability. It is not xenophobic to say so and I resent the implication.

“With all due respect, when the President has regularly downplayed the threat of ISIS and Al Qaeda, only to be proven wrong time and again, what has he done to warrant the benefit of the doubt? Congress has the obligation to provide oversight and halt these plans until the necessary security precautions are in place.

“While it is not my preference to engage in political wordsmithing, frankly, given his comments over the past few days, it seems the President reserves greater disdain for his political opponents than he does those responsible for the deaths of thousands at home and abroad, the atrocities in Paris, beheadings, burnings, and the enslavement of women and minors. To suggest that Members of Congress and other American citizens who express concern over a legitimate threat are somehow a recruiting tool for ISIS is disgusting and about the least Presidential thing I’ve seen out of an already disappointing, JV Administration.”

Joe Heck (NV-03): YES

Like Amodei, Heck joined the group of Republicans urging President Obama to halt refugee admission into the U.S. He released this statement yesterday:

“Our first responsibility must be to protecting Americans,” Rep. Heck said. “The Islamic State has declared war on the west and settling thousands of new refugees who cannot be properly vetted only increases the chances of a Paris-style attack in the United States. The President may be satisfied with his strategy against ISIL, but it clearly is not working. It’s time for a strategy shift in the war against the Islamic State. I will be working with my colleagues on the Armed Services Committee and Select Committee on Intelligence to ensure we bring to bear the full capabilities of the armed forces and our intelligence community in the fight against ISIL.” 

Heck also published this statement on Facebook today:

I voted YES on H.R. 4038, the American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act of 2015 because it adds needed layers…

Posted by Rep Joe Heck on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cresent Hardy (NV-04): YES

In a statement published today, Hardy echoed his Republican colleagues in calling for extra precautions before allowing additional Syrian refugees into the U.S.

“My heart breaks for the Syrian people, but we cannot let compassion expose us to the ill will of ill men. In light of last week’s events in Paris, our first priority needs to be the safety of the American people. There are those who would take advantage of America’s generosity if we let them.

“ISIS has openly bragged about their plans to use the refugee relocation process to gain unprecedented access to Western nations. Intelligence reports show at least one of the attackers in Paris used a stolen Syrian passport to travel freely throughout the region. Why should we think the United States would be treated differently by those who seek to harm us?

“Today’s vote will put extra precautions in place so that we can continue to accept Syrian refugees and feel more confident about our own children’s safety in doing so. We should continue to look for ways to protect and support those affected by the fighting in Syria. But we cannot do that at the peril of our own national security.”

Hardy also gave a four-minute floor speech on November 17th, saying “France was not the beginning, nor will it be the end.”

Dean Heller:

Although the bill itself has yet to make it to the U.S. Senate, Nevada Senator Dean Heller has wasted little time in making his position clear, sending two open letters on Monday directed at Secretary of State John Kerry and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. In the letter to Kerry, Heller writes:

“Despite concerns from many in Congress and the American public regarding the threat of ISIS and the safety of our nation, the Administration has maintained its commitment to admitting additional Syrian refugees to the U.S. While I recognize the importance of assisting these individuals during a time of crisis, I also strongly believe Congress must conduct thorough oversight to determine whether the existing vetting process by DHS and the State Department is robust enough.”

Sandoval asked President Obama on Monday to cease sending Syrian refugees to the state, and on Wednesday asked the state’s Attorney General for an opinion on the governor’s authority to manage incoming refugees.

Harry Reid:

Although the Senate Minority Leader told reporters on Monday that he’ll adopt a “wait and see” attitude on potential holdups to the refugee program, Reid told reporters today that the current House bill won’t make it to the president’s desk.



Joe Heck is still paying off student loans

Congressman Joe Heck (R-NV 3rd District) and I have something in common; we’re both dealing with student loan debt from higher education. In a Las Vegas Review-Journal story Sunday, fiscal disclosure forms show Heck, 52, is still dealing with debt from becoming an osteopath.

Heck, a Republican in his second term, and his wife, who is a nurse, hold bank accounts of between $15,000 and $50,000, and annuities and retirement accounts containing between $199,000 and $561,000.

Heck, 52, reported he still is paying off between $50,000 and $100,000 in student loans from his education to become an osteopath. The family last year began participating in a college savings plan for their teenage son.

Heck and his wife hold a mortgage of between $250,000 and $500,000 on their home in Henderson.

This actually isn’t the biggest surprise – Heck mentioned it in a video released last week laying out his positions on student loan debt.

Say what you will about Heck’s beliefs on student loans, but it’s nice to see a Congressman actually having to deal with paying them off.

UNR student charged with stabbing at White Pine Hall

The University of Nevada, Reno has released several statements regarding a stabbing that took place last night in the lobby of White Pine residence hall. According to the reports, 18-year-old University student Christopher Williams allegedly stabbed a female residence hall employee last night at around 2:30 a.m. The employee is currently in stable condition at an area hospital, and Williams was arrested & charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon Causing Substantial Bodily Harm and Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and is currently being held in Washoe County Jail.

Both the University’s Media Relations department and Campus Police have released statements. You can find them below:

Media Relations:

RENO, Nev. – At 2:30 a.m. Saturday, University Police responded to a report of a stabbing at White Pine Hall on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Upon arrival, officers found a University residence-hall employee who had been stabbed in the lobby of the building. The victim was transported to an area hospital where she underwent surgery for her wound and remains in stable condition.

Officers arrested 18-year-old University student Christopher Stephen Williams at the scene. He has been charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon Causing Substantial Bodily Harm and Assault with a Deadly Weapon and is in the Washoe County jail. The incident remains under investigation by University Police.

UNR Campus Police:

This is to update you about an incident that occurred on campus Saturday morning October 13, 2012.


At 2:30 a.m., University Police officers were dispatched to White Pine Hall on the report of a stabbing that occurred in the lobby.  Upon arrival officers found a residence hall employee who had been stabbed in the abdomen. The victim was transported to an area hospital where she underwent surgery for her wound and remains in stable condition. The suspect, a student, was arrested at the scene and has been lodged at the Washoe County Jail on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon Causing Substantial Bodily Harm and Assault with a Deadly Weapon.


It would appear that the employee should be commended for her actions – despite being severely injured she had the presence of mind to alert others in the residence hall and give police necessary information for an arrest prior to seeking assistance for her own wounds. President Marc Johnson joins me in conveying admiration and heartfelt appreciation for this employee’s bravery and actions.


As a faculty member, staff member or student, it is important that you be apprised of these matters. These incidents are isolated but provide an opportunity for the University to reaffirm its commitment to continually work to enhance campus safety measures. A complete overview of our campus safety program can be found on the UNR Police Services webpage (www.unr.edu/police), however I would like to highlight three key aspects of this program:


–          The University’s Emergency Messaging System informs subscribers of emergency situations or campus closures by text and/or email messages. All faculty, staff and students should sign up for the Emergency Messaging System at http://www.unr.edu/general-information/emergency/alerts

–          A number of free training opportunities are available, including self-defense and personal-safety training. Information can be found atwww.unr.edu/police

–          The University’s annual security and fire safety report is available online at http://www.unr.edu/Documents/administration-finance/Police/2011-Annual-Report.pdf 


A significant incident often raises the question of crime overall. This experience is unusual. Typically, campus crimes are non-violent crimes, such as thefts or alcohol-related crime. The University is subject to the Cleary Act, the federal law that requires that any major or violent crime on University property be widely communicated to the campus community. We fully comply with this act. In many ways the University is a city within a city, and no one corner of any city is entirely without crime and it is important to report crimes, suspicious people and situations promptly by contacting  University Police Services to 334-COPS (2677), the Police duty phone at 745-6195, or 911 in an emergency.

UNR releases more details on Michelle Obama visit

The University of Nevada, Reno released more details regarding First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to the university on Wednesday. Copied below is an email sent out to the undergraduate student listserv:

The University of Nevada, Reno’s Quad will be the site for a public event featuring First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday, October 3. Access to the morning-long event on Wednesday will begin at 8:15 a.m. and tickets will be required.

Additional event information, including information about the on-campus ticket distribution beginning Monday morning, is posted on the University’s online calendar at www.unr.edu<http://www.unr.edu>.

As always, please keep pedestrian and traffic safety in mind and watch for directional signage that will be posted primarily on Virginia Street for this event. It is anticipated that no changes will be made to the regular student parking plans. The public will be directed to park on the upper two levels of the West Stadium Parking Complex and in the parking lots north of campus. Changes are anticipated for parking areas in the vicinity of the Quad and Morrill Hall, and these changes will be communicated to faculty and staff next week.

This information is being provided as a courtesy, in recognition of the significance of this public event.

–              Division of Student Services

KOLO does its best FOX News impression

Update: The RGJ is reporting that KOLO has apologized for the segment, saying there was no intent to offend but only a writer trying to be clever.

Reno broadcast channel KOLO is getting some national heat today when a promo inferring gay marriage to be a ‘sin’ was released on Youtube today. In the video, anchor Sarah Johns says, “Historically, Nevada has made a living off of sin: quickie divorces, prostitution, gambling. What’s one more sin added to the list if it will improve our economy?”

While I’m sure that the people at KOLO are most likely not raging homophobes, this kind of work makes them appear so, especially when it appears in the RGJ and ThinkProgress. Especially with a topic as attention-grabbing as gay marriage, it’s more important than ever to not appear biased in coverage. Readers don’t remember fair coverage, but they sure as hell remember incorrect or biased reporting.

Future of College Media: Inspiring reads and excellent blogs

I’m about half way through my series exploring the different trends and problems facing collegiate newspapers and media, and I figured it’d be pertinent to post some of the articles and websites that I’ve been using for inspiration and supplemental information. If you want to read the series thus far, click here.

This blog is my bible. Run by Dan Reimold, College Media Matters covers rising trends, interesting or controversial going-ons and story ideas in the collegiate media world. Reimold updates about once a day, and his posts are explicit in detail and usually contain some excellent analysis. For the day-to-day happenings in the world of college news and reporting, College Media Matters is one of the best resources available.

I’m not going to lie; this Colombia Journalism Review article is extremely long, and incredibly thorough. While it doesn’t specifically address the specific issues regarding the future of collegiate journalism, it does cover in great detail the issues facing modern journalism, and the steps professional journalists are taking to avoid a systematic collapse. Especially relevant is the section on a university’s role in the process, including publishing student work and the large number of journalism centers calling higher education institutions home.

During my enrollment in David Ryfe’s Future of Journalism class over winter break, I had a sudden epiphany regarding the problems facing modern journalism, and the difficulty in solving them. Although the writings and ideas of Clay Shirky, Jeff Jarvis and Jay Rosen were promoted heavily throughout the class, I always held to a lingering doubt in the back of my mine regarding these academic’s view of the future of news. Then I read Starkman’s essay. Although I was careful to avoid sympathizing too much with a viewpoint obviously favorable to the kind of hard-hitting print journalism I enjoy and promote, his arguments won me over. Though it’s not the best piece for a beginning reader to start with, Starkman’s essay is a thoughtful and needed reaction to the kind of ‘accepted’ future of news promoted by people such as Shirky and Jarvis.

Though it’s not entirely devoted to collegiate news, Romenesko (a former writer for Poynter) is one of the best media bloggers out there, which more often than not contains the actions of a collegiate outlet. Romenesko also has a bit of a larger audience than College Media Matters, so his blog post about a college paper naming a rape victim creates more of a conversation amid his audience than a similar post would have on CMM. Still, Romensko’s commentary is usually on-point and logical, and his blog is a great source of media news.

As hard as it is to admit, journalism schools play a large role in the development and training of young journalists. While it’s nice to have an active and viable student press, journalism schools need to be there from the beginning to help train young journalists and co-develop a future for the business. Faculty at these schools have a responsibility to advocate for their profession, taking the form of mentoring student journalists, starting local journalistic partnerships and more. Teaching the inverted pyramid style won’t cut it anymore.

All issues facing the world of journalism really begin with one problem; how to reach and connect with an audience that shuns newspapers, television broadcasts and most regular news. Czerski, a Polish writer who’s work was translated into English, lays out the kind of unspoken mindset that many younger people have. His argument is really that the generations born using the Internet fundamentally see the world differently than their elder peers. It’s a terrifying thing to realize that making journalism successful in the future will require the kind of humongous overhaul in how we look at the world to work and remain profitable. (Also, the comments section hosts a great debate. Definitely worth a read.)

David Carr, the media reporter and resident crotchety old man of the New York Times, is a different breed of journalist. In the Future of News class I mentioned above, Carr seemed like the opposite of new thinkers such as Shirky and Rosen, so I was immediately fascinated with the prospect of the two eating dinner together. Carr’s essay didn’t really cover the debate raging between Shirky and people such as Starkman, but he did focus on an intriguing aspect of the online world I hadn’t thought about before; the lack of intimate contact. Carr ends his essay saying, “…you can follow someone on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, quote or be quoted by them in a newspaper article, but until you taste their bread, you don’t really know them.” Though there’s no connection to collegiate readings, I feel as though the limits of social media and the online world are an excellent reminder for collegiate journalists; interviews through email or Twitter are never as good as those done in person.

While those aren’t all the readings, sources and tools I use to go about this project, it’s a pretty good representation of the wide variety and information that I use to try and understand what college media is all about. If you’re reading this and think a piece or blog is missing or would fit right in, either email me here or leave a comment down below.

Reaction to Marc Johnson becoming UNR President

  1. The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents approved Marc Johnson as the new President of UNR today. Here’s a timeline of events from when he was first recommended to when the Regents made their decision.
    Yesterday, the search committee for the next UNR President recommended Marc Johnson to the BoR. Here’s how the story broke:
  2. Share
    The regents have just voted to recommend Marc Johnson to be the next President of UNR.
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 20:57:55
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    RT @donica: The regents have just voted to recommend Marc Johnson to be the next President of UNR.
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 20:59:27
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    Marc Johnson is the final candidate for #UNR president. The board of regents will vote on his appointment Friday.
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 20:59:59
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    Board of Regents search committee recommends Marc Johnson for UNR president fb.me/1ZPHYvFnW
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 21:11:46
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    Johnson is currently UNR interim president. Final decision by Board of Regents Friday. on.rgj.com/ImTeea.
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 21:22:31
  7. Share
    “@donica: The regents have just voted to recommend Marc Johnson to be the next President of UNR.” solid move, provides stability.
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 21:23:22
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    MT @rgj: Marc Johnson recommended as UNR’s president… on.rgj.com/JcCZ6w // Did anyone not know this when the search began?
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 21:48:37
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    Marc Johnson recommended as UNR’s next president. Will be forwarded to Board of Regents who meet Friday in Vegas. #UNR
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 23:04:38
  11. The BoR met today for a special session (here’s the agenda: http://bit.ly/JtrbLa). After the news broke, most of the reaction was positive, with some detractors.
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    Marc Johnson has been picked to become the University of Nevada, Reno president. Get updates on rgj.com.
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 14:53:47
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    RT @rgj: Marc Johnson has been picked to become the University of Nevada, Reno president. Get updates on rgj.com.
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 14:54:27
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    Congratulations to our newest University President, Marc Johnson. We’re happy to have you 🙂 GO PACK!
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 15:22:46
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    Marc Johnson approved as UNR president: The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents selected Universi… on.rgj.com/I8LsGd
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 15:25:33
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    Congrats to @phidelt alum Marc Johnson for becoming the 16th #UNR president!
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 15:30:03
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    Marc Johnson is a good man and a strong leader. The university made a great decision. #PackCity
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 15:32:44
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    Marc Johnson, the 16th president of the University of Nevada. Welcome aboard! 🙂
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 15:45:33
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    RT @RSJNevada: Marc Johnson selected as #UNR president. Congrats! on.rgj.com/I8LsGe
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 16:12:17
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    RT @NevadaWolfPack: Congratulations to Marc Johnson on being named the president of our great institution here at the University of Nevada!
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 16:32:39
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    Congrats to Dr. Marc Johnson on being named President of @UNRnews. Students, faculty will benefit from his continued leadership
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 17:27:17
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    Reid statement on Dr. Marc Johnson: HARRY REID NEWS RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C.- Sen. Harry Reid issued the followi… bit.ly/HYnkTr
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 17:53:39
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    The decision is in. Johnson will become UNR’s new president. I am certainly not surprised. It’s impossible to divert or bit.ly/JrjHpm
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 18:59:37
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    The best: Marc Johnson named University of Nevada Reno UNR President j.mp/IaYFKw
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 19:26:03

HIV rumors go viral at UNR

Storify works best if you start at the bottom, then work your way up.

  1. As of today, the Nevada Sagebrush still has an un-updated story on their website.
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    #USA – Rumors of #HIV outbreak at #UNR spread like wildfire bit.ly/I1v5MH (via @hivhaven)
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 12:46:50
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    Ohhh really? RT @EasyGayLife: Rumors of HIV outbreak at UNR spread like wildfire – msnbc.com on.msnbc.com/HOSlNz
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 01:00:00
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    In #Reno #NV, a rumor of #HIV cluster spreads through college campus: ow.ly/a6hlk #AIDS
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 16:01:04
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    I got an e-mail saying the HIV outbreak thing isn’t true. BUT STILL b safe ppl
    Thu, Apr 05 2012 00:44:47
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    @kysisson Medical director at UNR Student Health Center: unfounded rumor of HIV infection on campus. SHC sees no indication that rumor true.
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 18:57:05
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    Rumors of HIV outbreak at UNR spread like wildfire fb.me/F8kAtdFx
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 21:14:46
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    Supposed Health Outbreak at UNR Not True bit.ly/HW9Zhe
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 19:41:15
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    Relax people, it’s only a rumor. RT @KRNV Rumors of HIV outbreak at UNR spread like wildfire mynews4.com/news/local/sto…
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 21:24:47
  10. Both KRNV and KTVN picked up the story. KRNV left the narrative open, while KTVN’s denied it. As it turned out, KRNV’s ended up getting linked to by a number of different sources
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    HIV rumor fact or fiction? It’s looking more and more true.
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 17:43:44
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    The #UNR health center is denying rumors of an HIV outbreak on campus, but @TheSagebrush sez 75-100 students checked in past 48 hrs for HIV
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 18:56:46
  13. At 3:23, Student Health Center Director Cheryl Hug-English sent out an email saying that any rumors about the outbreak didn’t appear to have a factual basis. However, she did say that about 75-100 students had checked into the health center for STD testing. It is free STD testing week, after all.
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    RT @TheSagebrush: Everything we know about the unproven HIV scare at UNR is updated on our Open the News group on.fb.me/HgU7bC UNR admin comment included
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 19:05:33
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    BREAKING: Alleged HIV outbreak on university’s campus. Waiting for press release.
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 17:18:06
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    apparently there’s an outbreak of herpes and HIV in 2 of the dorms #renoproblems #scaryAF #whyidontsleeparound #HERPESISFORLIFE
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 17:59:07
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    I heard there was an hiv outbreak at unr, well I’m glad I go to kaplan and all we have is herpes
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 16:24:04
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    RT @NieshyWins: Over 20 confirmed case of HIV in the UNR dorms. Go get tested students• Oh my God!•
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 15:08:45
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    Uhhhh I hope this HIV breakout thing at unr isn’t true. Wrap it up ppl
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 14:39:59
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    Da fuck is dis shit!? RT @TheSagebrush: If anyone has input about the unproven HIV outbreak at UNR, contact reporter @srmward
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 13:50:33
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    Alright, so in the last few days we’ve been hearing rumors about an HIV outbreak in the dorms at UNR. One of our reporters called up Jerome Maese, the director of residential life, and he said he has been getting phone calls about it, but can’t confirm it’s true. Anybody with information about this please privately message me.
    Also, if anyone knows why Mike Ball was booted from the Nevada Wolf Pack football team please private inbox me.
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 14:28:15
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    RT @TheSagebrush: If anyone has input about the unproven HIV outbreak at UNR, contact reporter @srmward
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 13:46:51
  23. At this point, several Nevada Sagebrush reporters began to look into the matter. Reporters sent out tweets and posted in an open Facebook group. Most people didn’t see the addition of “unproven” or “possible,” and began to assume that an actual outbreak had taken place.
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    My prayers go out to the students from UNR who recently found out they are infected with HIV. Its going to be ok, its not the end.
    Wed, Apr 04 2012 13:24:35
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    Apparently there’s an HIV outbreak at UNR… #howprecious
    Tue, Apr 03 2012 03:16:36
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    Free sti and hiv testing at UNR health center. All you bitches better go!
    Tue, Apr 03 2012 16:27:28

Finalists named for UNR president

Here’s the release from the University:

Finalists named for University of Nevada, Reno presidency
Six candidates presented to joint meeting Thursday of the Presidential Search Committee and Institutional Advisory Committee

RENO, Nev. – Six individuals have been identified as finalists for the position of president of the University of Nevada, Reno:

  • Steven Roger Angle is provost of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Angle previously served as dean of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and director of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Program at the University of California, Riverside.
  • Rachel Toni Algaze Croson is division director of the Division of Social and Economic Sciences, part of the National Science Foundation’s Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate. Croson serves in this role while on leave from the University of Texas at Dallas, where she served as professor and director of The Negotiations Center, a joint appointment between the School of Management and the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences.
  • Yash P. Gupta is president and chief executive officer of SDP Telecom, Inc. Gupta previously served as dean of the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.
  • Marc A. Johnson is interim president of the University of Nevada, Reno. Johnson previously served as executive vice president and provost at the University.
  • Sabah U. Randhawa is provost and executive vice president of Oregon State University. Randhawa previously served as vice provost for academic affairs and international programs at Oregon State.
  • Stephen G. Wells is president of DRI, the Desert Research Institute. Wells previously served as executive director of DRI’s Quaternary Sciences Center.

“The University of Nevada, Reno is a vibrant, public university, with a growing national reputation and a long-standing history of service to our state,” said James Dean Leavitt, member of the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents and chair of the Regents’ Presidential Search Committee. “We are looking for a visionary leader to guide the University to the next echelon of quality and national visibility. These candidates bring strong academic, research and administrative experience, and we appreciate their interest in this vitally important role.”

The finalists will be invited to participate in a series of campus forums on April 13, 16 and 17 to allow faculty, staff, students and the community to meet them and provide input to the search process.

The search for the University’s next president is conducted with two committees that meet jointly and in accordance with Nevada’s open meeting law. The Presidential Search Committee includes six members of the NSHE Board of Regents. The Institutional Advisory Committee includes 11 representatives of the community and 12 representatives of University of Nevada, Reno faculty, staff and students. The President Search Committee engaged the services of William Funk, president of R. William Funk & Associates, as the consultant for the search process. The desired characteristics of the next president are summarized in the University of Nevada, Reno Presidential Prospectus, prepared after a series of open meetings with campus and external constituents and approved by the two committees.

The two committees will meet April 5 in the Joe Crowley Student Union Ballroom, starting at 1 p.m., to discuss the finalists and review their resumes. It is planned that the committees will then reconvene at 9 a.m., April 18 in Lawlor Event Center to hear from the search consultant regarding the forums and conduct interviews with the finalists. At that meeting, the Presidential Search Committee may potentially select a candidate to recommend to the full NSHE Board of Regents for consideration.

The University of Nevada, Reno president reports to the chancellor of the NSHE, who holds an ex-officio, nonvoting membership on both committees.

For more information about the presidential search, visit http://www.unr.edu/president-search.

PR conference not only for PR students

The University of Nevada, Reno chapter of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) is hosting a large, 3-day regional conference in about two weeks, called “Bringing New Energy to PR.” Although the focus of the event is public relations, the planned workshops are useful for anyone in journalism, communications or interested in building their own personal brand. The planned conference activities include networking tips, working with journalists, internship workshops and a keynote speech by Alice Heiman, a local management consultant and sales coach. Tickets to the event are discounted to $50 for Nevada students, and sign ups are available on their website.

Even though I’ve jokingly called PR the “dark side” of journalism, in some ways I’ve begun to see the advantages of advertising one’s own work, and reaching out to potential audiences. In the past, newspaper writers would focus solely on producing content and not worry about how content was delivered or received. That’s the past. Online, writers have to be able to reach out, form connections, and take an active role in building an audience. From what I’ve seen from PRSSA, it appears that they’ve got the issue, and know which lessons to teach and which strategies to promote in order to help understand and be successful in a new journalism world.

Below is the letter sent out to students by PRSSA VP, Lindsay Panko:

Hello everyone,
My name is Lindsay Panko, I am the Vice President of PRSSA in the Journalism School. We are planning a BIG conference in 2 weeks, April 12-15, that we think you and your clubs would really enjoy. It’s called Bringing New Energy to PR, but don’t let the name fool you. This conference is NOT just about Public Relations. It’s about how to market yourselves in a job world that isn’t ideal. We have incredible speakers on topics like social media, networking, resume building, crisis communications and so much more.
We’re offering a special Nevada student price of $50. This registration price gets you dinner at our big Welcome Reception, breakfast, tours of local agencies and marketing departments, several sessions and workshops, keynote speaker Alice Heiman, possibly a second keynote speaker from New York, and invaluable networking experience with local professionals, Nevada students and students from across the west coast. 

We are also offering an internship with the 2022 Winter Games Coalition this summer. Details about the internship can be found on our website, but resumes need to be sent to newenergy2pr@gmail.com by this Friday, March 30th. If you or your club members are interested, make sure you apply before the deadline. Interviews will happen during the conference- but this opportunity is only available to conference attendees.

We hope that you’ll register and come learn more about how to make yourself the best possible professional you can be. I am sending you each this email because I believe that you and your clubs would greatly benefit from some of these workshops. As a Club Commissioner for Arts, Business and Education, I’ve talked to many of you about expanding your clubs and reaching out to a different audience. This conference can help. 

Please pass on this information to your members and let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to answer them. You can register at www.PRSSANevada.com; make sure you get the Nevada Student price! You can find the conference on Facebook atfacebook.com/newenergytopr or follow us on twitter at @NewEnergy2PR, #iheartPR.

Thanks for your interest! I really hope you will all be joining us. 

Lindsay Panko
University of Nevada, Reno
PRSSA Vice President
Twitter: @LindsayPanko
Cell: 775.741.1679