Q&A with ASUN Chief Justice Robert del Carlo on his impeachment decision, more

ASUN Chief Justice Robert del Carlo

ASUN Chief Justice Robert del Carlo

The following is a list of emailed questions and answers between myself and ASUN Chief Justice, Robert del Carlo, regarding the impeachment process for embattled ASUN President Jake Pereira. I’ve edited for spacing and spelling, but left his answers almost entirely unchanged.

1. In talking with Jake and some of his supporters, he’s admitted to wrongdoing but doesn’t feel that his actions warrant impeachment. What options do Senators have in terms of passing a punishment during the trial?

According to the governing documents, the Senate has the following punitive powers: censure, impeachment (including disqualification to hold office), and impeachment with removal from office. The Council has asked the Senate to consider impeachment. I defer to the Attorney General for any further comment on proceedings.

As an aside, I invite you to consider President Pereira’s words in this light: Is it ever up to the person doing wrong to decide how unfairly he or she has acted? The Council might have you consider that it is up to the person who was wronged to decide just how white the lies were, to ponder just how much intimidation is acceptable, if any threat is acceptable at all.

2. This story raises a whole can of worms about Coffin & Keys role in student government, especially in terms of members appointing other members into key roles. Do you know of any other Coffin & Keys members in ASUN, and should students be worried about the potential for unethical appointments?

As stated in the Assenting Opinion, Mr. Bezick admitted to being a member of Coffin and Keys. At the time, Mr. Bezick was to be named Chief of Staff at Wednesday night’s Senate meeting. The Council saw this as a conflict of interest and took action seeing as that position comes with a $3,000 stipend and is not the only of its kind. The Association must be certain of its leadership before it grants such privileges to the President.

3. Many of the key players in this story (Kish, Pereira, Bezick) are interrelated both through fraternity connections and ASUN connections. Are you at all worried about conflicts of interest that might occur?

I am not worried. So long as I am Chief Justice of the Associated Students, I serve as a moral reference, free of Greek, C&K, or any other influence. The Council has already issued adequate measures of justice. The responsibility now lies with the rest of ASUN, namely the Senators, who I will supervise in the event of an impeachment trial. I have faith that conflicts of interest will be drowned out by the system of checks and balances.

4. Your court, in the majority opinion, asked Sandra Rodriguez to purchase advertising space in the Nevada Sagebrush relaying the decisions. Why is that?

Transparency is the mission of ASUN, so when the leader of one branch fails to uphold this pillar, the leaders of other branches must rise to the occasion. Mr. Pereira lied on a public scale so the Council published the truth on a public scale. Simple physics.


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