KOLO does its best FOX News impression

Update: The RGJ is reporting that KOLO has apologized for the segment, saying there was no intent to offend but only a writer trying to be clever.

Reno broadcast channel KOLO is getting some national heat today when a promo inferring gay marriage to be a ‘sin’ was released on Youtube today. In the video, anchor Sarah Johns says, “Historically, Nevada has made a living off of sin: quickie divorces, prostitution, gambling. What’s one more sin added to the list if it will improve our economy?”

While I’m sure that the people at KOLO are most likely not raging homophobes, this kind of work makes them appear so, especially when it appears in the RGJ and ThinkProgress. Especially with a topic as attention-grabbing as gay marriage, it’s more important than ever to not appear biased in coverage. Readers don’t remember fair coverage, but they sure as hell remember incorrect or biased reporting.


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