The right (and wrong) way to present Raggio’s funeral

Last month, the highly influential and well known former state senator Bill Raggio passed away. University of Nevada, Reno students know Raggio through the building named after him, and a memorial inside the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Raggio’s funeral was held yesterday, and attendees included Governor Brian Sandoval, a U.S. Senator, members of the state’s Supreme Court and dozens of important legislative leaders.

Both the Reno Gazette-Journal and Daily Sparks Tribune decided to play the funeral coverage huge on their respective front pages, to varying degrees of success. Both pages are below:

Although both papers used similar shots of the Honor Guard carrying Raggio’s casket, it’s immediately apparent that the layout of RGJ is more eye-catching simply because it gives the art and stories attached more room to breath. The RGJ’s cover is very centered, and the banner below the nameplate is a nice, subtle touch.

The DST cover, however, is a bit more muddled. There’s two small photos of Raggio and Sandoval which add nearly nothing, and the huge cutout of a softball player along with the cartoon of Rush Limbaugh distract from the main package. Even though there’s only 2 stories on the DST cover, compared to the three on the RGJ, the later’s cover seems to present the funeral in a more serious manner.


One thought on “The right (and wrong) way to present Raggio’s funeral

  1. I really like how you addressed this here. Page layout is very important. Very very important. It all matters because the readers look for something easy on the eyes. Readers prefer something more clean, rather than something cluttered, like you have said in your story. It is pages like these that win NPA awards in the fall!

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